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Graduation Day

October 18, 2023. The graduation day. It is a day filled with joy, busyness, and a touch of nostalgia. In the afternoon, a drizzle falls, as if bidding us farewell. Indeed, the four years of university life flashed by very quickly. I met with many friends again, took photos, and reminisced. Zhili Tian, Boan Zhu, and Xingzhi Qian – the four of us worked on many projects together over these four years and were the best teammates throughout university. Xingzhi is pursuing his PhD degree, and Zhili and Boan got offers to work for large companies. I don’t know whether I’ll meet them again in the future, at what location, and in what manner.

Zhili Tian and me
From left to right: me, Boan Zhu and Xingzhi Qian

The ceremony took place at 4:15 in the afternoon at the Royal Albert Hall, and we all arrived on time. There was live music performing, and the hall was spectacular. The president made a humorous remark during the speech, saying, ‘London rain makes you younger,’ lol. After the president’s speech, graduates from different departments were invited on stage one by one to shake hands with the president, Professor Hugh Brandy, and the dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Professor Nigel Brandon. Those few seconds crossing the stage passed quickly, with hardly any time for reflection. It was only when returning to my seat that I suddenly realised this phase of life had come to an end. Memories started flashing through my mind, contemplating what regrets and highlights these four years have left.

The ceremony concluded around 6 pm, and we returned to the college to return our gowns. It was still raining when it ended. After bidding farewell to my friends, I then attended the departmental reception. This day ended in a hurry, and all memories of this school will forever be frozen in this day.