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Offer from HKU

Got an offer from the University of Hong Kong to study fintech. Can’t wait to share the excitement!

During this summer, I have applied for HKU, HKUST and CUHK, all of which are in Financial Technology. Haven’t heard from HKUST and CUHK yet, but HKU is definitely the number one pick for me.

Sincere appreciation to all my friends and family, who have helped me throughout the application process. My mom, my little sister, but especially my dad. He supported me 100% in whatever decisions I made, both mentally and financially. I want to say thank you to Dr Peter McBrien and Dr Panos Parpas, who have helped me a lot during the application process. The knowledge and experience I learned from you are invaluable.

Looking forward to this new chapter of my life, with the connections and opportunities awaiting me in Hong Kong.