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Trip to Yunnan

We went to Dali first and then to Lijiang. The scenery around Erhai Lake in Dali is beautiful. We strolled through the ancient streets and tried local delicacies such as “Guoqiao Mixian”, and “Qiguo Chicken”. Especially, the “Flower Cake” was really delicious. We then spent an afternoon in a seaside cafe, enjoying the sea breeze and chatting. Then we took a car to Lijiang.

In Lijiang, we visited Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Yunsanping, and Blue Moon Valley. When we visited Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, we shared an oxygen cylinder, and we didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I even took off my jacket and wore short sleeves to take some photos. The scenery was beautiful and the air was fresh, everything was pure nature. On the way, we encountered some animals, like horses, sheep, and yaks. Lijiang also has an ancient town, even larger than the one in Dali. There was a heavy rainstorm one afternoon, and we were so close not making it back to the hotel.

Overall, this trip to Yunnan was very enjoyable, a relaxing break amid the busy schedule.