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Offer from HKU

    Got an offer from the University of Hong Kong to study fintech. Can’t wait to share the excitement!

    During this summer, I have applied for HKU, HKUST and CUHK, all of which are in Financial Technology. Haven’t heard from HKUST and CUHK yet, but HKU is definitely the number one pick for me.

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    Graduation Day

      October 18, 2023. The graduation day. It is a day filled with joy, busyness, and a touch of nostalgia. In the afternoon, a drizzle falls, as if bidding us farewell. Indeed, the four years of university life flashed by very quickly. I met with many friends again, took photos, and reminisced. Zhili Tian, Boan Zhu, and Xingzhi Qian – the four of us worked on many projects together over these four years and were the best teammates throughout university. Xingzhi is pursuing his PhD degree, and Zhili and Boan got offers to work for large companies. I don’t know whether I’ll meet them again in the future, at what location, and in what manner.

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      Rich Dad Poor Dad – some thoughts

        Excellent book about personal finance. Definitely changed the way I look at the money. The book uses a lot of contrasting examples from the rich dad and the highly educated dad (poor dad), to illustrate the author’s perspective on what money really is and how to achieve financial freedom. This book resonated with me because some concepts are similar to what I was taught about money by my family.

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        Data Visualisation Tool Based on Conceptual Modelling

          A data visualisation tool utilising full knowledge of the conceptual schema. Implementation includes reverse engineering a database from the relational level to the ER level, mapping it to a set of Visualisation Schema Patterns, and the generation of data visualisation. Visualisation Schema Patterns are proved effective in the published paper of my project supervisor Dr Peter McBrien: Towards Data Visualisation Based on Conceptual Modelling. This tool has demonstrated its efficiency in various visualisation tasks. It is capable of generating 19 types of visualisations depending on the number/classifications of attributes and the relationship between them.

          Trip to Yunnan

            We went to Dali first and then to Lijiang. The scenery around Erhai Lake in Dali is beautiful. We strolled through the ancient streets and tried local delicacies such as “Guoqiao Mixian”, and “Qiguo Chicken”. Especially, the “Flower Cake” was really delicious. We then spent an afternoon in a seaside cafe, enjoying the sea breeze and chatting. Then we took a car to Lijiang.

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            China Mobile Internship

              I was in a two-month network security analyst program. For the first few weeks, I got systematic training and studied penetration testing skills and CISSP. My daily job is cyber attribution using information from sys-log from the company’s system. I have produced a number of valuable reports. I have independently developed a tool using Python that gathers information from a list of target IPs and filters out malicious IPs.

              Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Classification

                In this Computer Vision coursework, I explored the application of convolutional neural networks for image classification tasks, specifically in the domain of fish classification for precision fishing. I developed an image classification model using PyTorch, that can classify fish species given input images. This coursework contains two tasks: 1. Train a model to classify various fish species. 2. Finetuning the last layer of the trained model to adapt to some new species. The trained model and the finetuned model both reach the accuracy of 99%, on the 800 test images.

                Butterfly Annotator

                  An online image annotation tool originally for butterfly images. Designed for a professor for machine-learning purposes. Images can be annotated by drawing and linking rectangles on images to relevant keywords. This image annotation capability is driven by the JavaScript p5 library.

                  First Visit to Imperial College

                    January 23, 2019. This day marked my interview at Imperial College London. For me, it was a nervous day. I arrived at the Department of Computing at noon, went to several talks, and then the interviewees were divided into several groups. We were led by senior students from the second and third years to tour the campus. Later, we listened to presentations about various projects from different groups of senior students, such as AI license plate recognition, automatic Rubik’s Cube-solving robots, and more.

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                    History In Line

                      Developed a web application with a Python Flask backend, integrated with a JavaScript p5 library powered frontend. Enhanced the user experience for history-based learning and note-taking by implementing a dynamic timeline feature, allowing for adjustable scaling of historical events.